A Pioneering
Social Entreprise…
While making the three films in Tibet, Laurence Brahm was inspired by many individuals working to protect their culture and environment, often using microbusiness to fund community needs. In 2005 he moved from Beijing to Lhasa, and establish a social enterprise called “Shambhala Serai.”
The Shambhala Serai story began by restoring ancient buildings to help revitalize historic neighborhoods. These became unique heritage hotels, conservation lodges, restaurants and shops. As businesses they support: rural and nomadic medical and education programs, workshops for disabled, artisan craft revival, and eye care in nomadic areas. All operations use solar energy.
Shambhala Serai hotels are a pioneering example of geo-tourism. With only local Tibetan management and staff running the entire operation, they have been ranked among the leading hotels in Tibet achieving rare “gold star” status in Lhasa. That says a lot about the power of empowering people.