Book Lecture Tour 2015
Hong Kong Young Social Entrepreneurs Association - "Just Go Do

On January 30, 2015, the Hong Kong Young Social Entrepreneurs Association invited Laurence Brahm to present on "Fusion Economics" at their gathering in Mongkok, Kowloon. These young entrepreneurs expressed a social commitment different from previous generations. They feel compelled to reach out to society and work to protect their environment. The HKYSEA "discovered" Brahm when its founder Allen Li was planning a backpacking trip to China's Yunnan Province. When searching the internet he came upon the APP Searching for Shangri-la and then the LETV television series. From these leads he learned of Shambhala Serai, one of Asia's first social enterprises founded by Brahm in Tibet and then of the book "Fusion Economics" which brings these concepts together with the Himalayan and African Consensus. Following from the meeting some participants have already begun volunteer work in Africa through Brahm's introduction to the African Consensus network.