Book Lecture Tour 2015
Foreign Correspondents Club Hong Kong -" Environmental Economics the Fusion Way":

"FUSION ECONOMICS: How Pragmatism is Changing the World" was launched in Hong Kong at the Foreign Correspondents Club on January 29, 2015, where author Laurence Brahm presented concepts of "environmental economics" through his work as senior adviser to China's Ministry of Environmental Protection. He explained how three years of hard lobbying within Beijing enabled the new government of President Xi Jinping to adopt a comprehensive strategy of shifting from fossil fuels to renewable and efficient energy as the next growth driver for the economy. He spoke to a full lunch audience in the main dining room of the FCC. Hong Kong's first elected Chinese Urban Councillor, Hilton Cheong-Leen attended and spoke, encouraging Brahm to bring the concepts to the UNFCC Paris 2015 with China's negotiation team, who Brahm has a history of working with.