United Nations System
Member of the “United Nations Theme Group on Poverty and Inequality.”
NGO spokesperson to the United Nations Earth Summit 2012 (Rio+20)
100 Opinion Leaders Advising Rio+20” selected by ScenaRio
NGO Observer at UNFCC Cop 17, Durban, South Africa 2011
United Nations Committee for the Protection of the Inalienable Rights of Palestinians, NGO Observer.
UNDP Award for Bio-Diversity and Cultural Protection in China presented by Jane Goodall (Phoenix/TJSTV televised ceremony) in Beijing 2010.
Grass-Roots Networks
Occupy Wall Street (Zuccotti Park, New York, autumn 2011)
Alternate G20 (St Petersburg, Russia, September 2013)
World Social Forum Dakar – Launching African Consensus Movement (2011)
Post-Globalization Institute, Moscow, Advisor.